Follow the race

  • LIVE on Eurosport France from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.
  • LIVE on Eurosport International from 2 pm to 3:30 pm (stages 1 and 2) and delayed from 7pm to 8:30 pm (stage 3).
  • LIVE on Eurosport Player and Global Cycling Network (2 pm to 3:30 pm)
  • LIVE on France 3 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (stages 2 and 3 from 1:35 pm to 3:15 pm), commented by Bernard Thevenet and Thierry Adam.

Start Village

For more than 2 hours before the start of the race, the Village Départ is the daily meeting point of all involved in the race. Join us in this very special world:

  • Team paddock and rider presentation by Daniel MANGEAS, the voice of the Tour de France
  • Local partners, producers and artisans booths.
  • Celebrities, media and former pros like Bernard Hinault.
  • Vehicles of the advertising caravan.

Finish Village

Follow the all the intensity of the race and meet, before anyone else, the champions of tomorrow:

  • Big screen broadcast of the race MCed by speaker Daniel MANGEAS.
  • The advertising caravan drives across the finish.
  • Riders race to the finish line.
  • Podium ceremony and musical entertainment.
  • Interviews and autographs by riders in the paddocks area.

The advertising caravan

About fifty event vehicles will drive the course 30 minutes ahead of the riders and distribute over 100,000 freebies to road side spectators.

The vehicles will be listed on this page on July 1st.

Please note: for security reasons freebies will only be handed out on the right hand side of the road.

Choose your spot

  • At points of racing highlights: intermediate sprints or King of the Mountain (KOM) lines. Racing battles assured.
  • In a climb, a false flat or a mountain pass. The riders will pass more slowly.
  • For safety reasons stay on the right hand side of the road.
 Follow the safety guidelines
  • Follow all instructions given by the police and stewards.
  • Keep an eye on your children and hold the youngest by the hand.Keep an eye on your children and hold the youngest by the hand.
  • Do not encroach on the road while taking photos, videos and selfies.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash.
  • Move as far away from the road as possible. Gutters and sidewalks can be used by riders.
  • Stay behind the security gates if there are any.
  • Be very careful when picking up goodies handed out by the advertising caravan. Do not cross the road to collect them.
  • Do not run alongside the riders. For their safety, do not stand ahead of them, even to encourage them.
  • Do not spray riders with water or any liquid.
  • Watch out for heatstrokes. Take plenty of water with you.

Specific instructions for stage 2 (Lagnieu > Lélex Monts-Jura):

The stage will cross the Haute Chaîne du Jura which is, for the most part, classified as a National Nature Reserve (RNN). The preservation of this exceptional territory depends, among other things, on your behaviour. We ask you to stay on the trails, leave your dog at home and stop your car at the parking area provided for this purpose. You will then be able to peacefully explore the countless curiosities and treasures of the Haute Chaîne du Jura.

To ensure the durability of this fragile area and the activities that take place there, it is advised that you adapt your habits and respect the regulations in force.


Summaries, photos and full rankings of the day’s stage.

On social media

Our page will present the key moments of the day.

Our account (@insta_tourdelain) will make you live the race from the inside and select the most beautiful pictures of the day.

Follow the written live of the race and interact with us on (@tourdelavenir).

Find on our channel the race summaries.


Village Départ

  • Team paddock and presentation of the riders.
  • Booths of local partners, producers and artisans.
  • Celebs, media and former pros like Bernard Hinault.
  • Wild vehicles of the advertising caravan.

The Caravan

More than 100,000 goodies distributed by some 50 event vehicles 30 minutes before the riders’ passage.

Big Screen

At the finish line, the giant screen will ensure that you don’t miss anything from the last hour of the race. Commented by the famous Daniel MANGEAS, “the voice of the Tour”, be sure to experience an emotional finale.

Stage by stage

Stage 1

7 August
 11:45 am CEST
Avenue du Québec (Google Maps)
Map of the start line
 4:20 pm CEST (estim.)
Avenue du Revermont (Google Maps)
Map of the finish line
4 racing highlights
  • KM 10.7
    GPM - Côte de Matafelon (Cat. 4)
  • KM 34.9
    GPM - Côte de Corveissiat (Cat. 4)
  • KM 41.2
    GPM - Côte de Grand Corent (Cat. 4)
  • KM 65.2
    GPM - Côte de Poisoux (Cat. 4)
 (152.17 KB)

Stage 2

8 August
 11:20 am CEST
Lagnieu (Google Maps)
Map of the start line
Lélex Monts-Jura
 3:00 pm CEST (estim.)
Lélex Monts-Jura (Google Maps)
Map of the finish line
6 racing highlights
  • KM 30.1
    GPM - Col de Montgriffon (Cat. 2)
  • KM 37.3
    GPM - Col des Pezières (Cat. 3)
  • KM 54.7
    GPM - Col de Cuvillat (Cat. 3)
  • KM 93.6
    GPM - Côte de Giron (Cat. 2)
  • KM 119.2
    GPM - Col de Menthières (Cat. 2)
  • KM 140.5
    GPM - Arrivée Lélex Monts-Jura (Cat. 2)
 (120.65 KB)

Stage 3

9 August
Saint Vulbas
 11:05 am CEST
Rue Claires Fontaines (Google Maps)
Map of the start line
Grand Colombier
 2:53 pm CEST (estim.)
Col du Grand Colombier (Google Maps)
Map of the finish line
4 racing highlights
  • KM 34.8
    Entrée Parcours 15ème étape TDF 2020
  • KM 80.5
    GPM - Montée de la Selle de Fromentelle (Cat. 1)
  • KM 99
    GPM - Col de la Biche (Cat. 1)
  • KM 144.5
    GPM - Arrivée Col du Grand Colombier (Cat. HC)
 (110.17 KB)
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